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brightlytwisted distinguishes itself from competing brands the moment our artists begin their work: designing one piece of fabric at a time, by hand, intended for one person. We may not know exactly who will end up purchasing that particular item, but we do believe it is meant for someone with their own unique sense of style and self. We’re not necessarily trying to set trends, or even bind ourselves to them — we see ourselves as facilitators, translators even, helping our customers distinguish themselves from the masses. Even our fabrics set us apart: everything we make feels as good as it looks and is consistently noticed and valued by our clientele…. but the most significant difference lies in intent: catering to the masses is virtually impossible under our current business model, because we recognize the beauty inherent that exists entirely unique to the individual human spirit.

Through this union of self-expression and appreciation for the brightlytwisted aesthetic, a marriage develops between our artistic voice and the voices of those compelled to express themselves through their sense of style. Our focus and energy is dedicated first and foremost to the artistic process; in which trained and skilled artisans craft a product with deliberation and finesse, constantly striving to make each creation prettier than the next. Doing so is an effort to amplify the beautifully singular voices inside us all.  

Women inspire our current canvas, but the fluidity of brightlytwisted is innate and as natural as the dye process itself. We design for individuals of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and lifestyles who are compelled to charge independently into the world, who express themselves authentically from the inside-out. Whatever their personal makeup, they are drawn to brightlytwisted as individuals who see their complex nature as a colorful and constantly evolving, life-sustaining force that empowers them with a fundamental right to have the vibrancy of their spirits reflected to the world through equally distinctive self-presentation. We want them to believe and trust in the spirit of their own nature, to forge and follow their own path in color. By the same token, we want them to believe in brightlytwisted because their own intuition is drawn to the [uncommonly pretty] — not merely because we are in a certain store, or worn by a celebrity, or capitalizing on a trending fad, etc. —brightlytwisted should illicit a sense of freedom that empowers the wearer to trust their instincts in determining a style that supports their most authentic self.