Q: How can I be sure that my tie-dye is brightlytwisted?


A: brightlytwisted is distinctive by nature, particularly through the vibrancy of its color and innovative design. In addition to high-quality, soft fabrics, all of our pieces come with a signature metal charm to ensure that it is, indeed, a brightlytwisted original.

Q: What is the typical turnaround time for an order placed online? 


A: Generally speaking, your order will be shipped within 5-10 business days after placement. However, due to the by-hand nature of our dye process, some orders may take longer to leave our facility. Learn more under our Shipping Info page.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: We accept all major credit cards.

Q: What is your return/exchange policy?


A: Learn all you need to know on our Return Policy page!

Q: How does brightlytwisted apparel fit?


A: Our apparel tends to run on the roomier side of things. Check out our size chart below!

Size Chart
xs = 0-2      
s = 4-6      
m = 6-8     
l =10-12  
xl =  14-16
s/m = 4-8/10
m/l = 8-12/14
o/s = one size fits most


Q: How do I care for my brightlytwisted original?


A: Do not, we repeat...Do NOT hand wash your brightlytwisted---it's a recipe for a dye-disaster!

We strongly recommend machine washing alone the first time - we wash and dry everything once, but dye is a resilient creature - better safe than sorry! After that, they can join your normal cold wash load (we suggest using a lingerie bag for the delicate scarves). Dryer? Go for it!

Insider tip: Our pashmina & infinity scarves are especially vibrant and soft after a quick ironing!

Q: My order arrived, and I noticed my item(s) looking slightly different than as depicted in the photo. Why is that?


A: All brightlytwisteds are dyed-to-order, so the item you receive is not the exact piece that was photographed. While it has been twisted and dyed in the same fashion, the nature of our dye process guarantees that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Follow this link to learn more about our process.

Q: Oh no! My scarf got caught on (insert sharp object)! Is there any way for me to fix the snag?


A: Boy, can we empathize! In the event that your snag/run/etc. is subtle enough, you may be able to trim a snag with a pair of small scissors, or pull the thread of a run with a needle to align it with the rest of the design.

More food-for-thought: a brightlytwisted original is handmade and often rather delicate, but fully intended to be worn to threads! We advise throwing caution to the wind and keeping yourself in color, despite the sometimes inevitable snags/runs/holes… they’re never noticeable when wrapped around your neck anyway!

Q: Just how far does brightlytwisted take this “one-of-a-kind” policy?


A: Our [uncommonly pretty] process is best explained in our one-of-one blog post.

Q: How should I tie my brightlytwisted scarf?


A: There’s truly no wrong way to wear a brightlytwisted scarf, but here are a few ideas we’ve come up with over the years: how to tie a scarf.

Q: Is the merchandise featured online also available in other locations?


A: At this time, color combinations & designs featured online do not necessarily overlap with our products carried elsewhere.

Q: I saw something online a while ago and now it’s gone! Is there any way to find out if it will come back?


A: Our online merchandise is frequently updated to maintain variety in the overall shopping experience. Because everything is one-of-a-kind, once an item is removed from our online store, it is unlikely that it will return, but we believe everything happens for a reason here, so keep checking in! Chances are another piece will come along that will make your heart sing just as sweet a tune.

Q: What’s the deal with your discounted “slightly irregular” scarves?


A: We prefer the term “slightly irregular” over “flawed,” because we feel that any item that has passed through the hands of our designers is worth holding onto. However, runs, holes, snags, various dye mishaps, etc. are an inevitable, albeit inconvenient, part of the by-hand production process.

Scarves that are deemed irregular, are offered at a discounted price of $50, of which $30 is donated to the charity of your choice. These scarves have the same brightlytwisted goodness of a full-price scarf, and whatever imperfection it has will be unnoticeable when worn!

Q: Hey, no fair! Where’s the brightlytwisted love for men?


A: While it’s definitely a future goal, we don’t currently offer a brightlytwisted line exclusively for men. We do, however, stand by the claim that our pashmina scarf is easily a gender-neutral piece! In fact, all of our scarves have the potential to be worn by brightlytwisted folks of any gender, age, etc.… and don’t forget about our brightlytwisted bamboo socks!

Q: Can I place a custom-dye order through your home office?


A: Special orders can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the request and our current production schedule, we’ll do our best to accommodate you! Contact us at to inquire further.

Q: What kind of merchandise is available at your Livonia, MI showroom?


A: Our Livonia, MI location is home to both our showroom & our dye house. The showroom offers a wide variety of discounted slightly irregular scarves, as well as last season’s apparel and home goods. The stock is constantly subject to change; expect the unexpected when you come in!

Q: What are the office hours for brightlytwisted?


A: brightlytwisted's home office is open Monday - Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. We observe the following holidays:

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve